"My 17 year old ballerina is very happy dancing at TADA. The warm, welcoming, and nurturing environment has provided her the support to grow as both a dancer and as a human being. TADA's wonderful teachers have helped instill confidence and given her encouragement to take artistic risks and enjoy other genres of dance in addition to ballet including: contemporary, modern and jazz. TADA has a happy dance culture where dancers encourage one another, support one another, applaud one another and often hug one another. My daughter eagerly looks forward to each and every dance class and performance opportunity!"
-Rebecca Strick MSW, LCSW, DCSW
The Strick Center for Psychotherapy

"My 3 yr old is going on her second year at this great studio.  The teachers are AMAZING with little ones: working with their short little attention spans while helping them to focus and engage in the class.  I will definitely be keeping her there for years to come!"

-Leslie B.

"My child is on BOOM hip hop crew and loves it. Learning something new and expanding his skills. Great group of kids, clean facility, fantastic owner and staff. We followed Malik and Kat to the studio and it was the best decision, love our instructors. Family feel...."

-Stephanie S.

"Great studio!  Phenomenal Instructors and Master Teachers.  When your child has to spend a good portion of their days practicing and learning, with this type of instruction, who could ask for a better, home away from home. I highly recommend TADA, you will be impressed."

-Lisa B.

"My daughter and I love TADA! The teachers, quality of instruction, organization and professionalism are superb. The owner cares about each and every student and goes out of her way to see that every issue brought forth is no less important than the next.  My daughter has advanced her technique and skill more in the past 2 years than she did having spent seven years at another local studio.  If you are looking for a home for your dancer to build a foundation of dance, advance their technique, be challenged, held accountable and have fun doing all of the above, look no further than TADA!"

-Lauren R.

"My daughter (preschool aged) has been enrolled here for one year.  As a former dancer and a preschool teacher myself, I have been very impressed with the teaching as the instructors use methods that are age-appropriate and great building blocks to create a foundational understanding of dance and technique.  Often times, classes for young children seem to be focused on merely getting the children to move their body, but are lacking in intentional lessons which build upon each other and teach correct technique and terminology.  And the classes are fun too!!  Thus far I have been very impressed. 
I also like that the class has not been so focused on learning cute dances that the time is spent completely on memorizing a dance combination that is too advanced for the children.  The teaching is child-centered and my daughter's instructors have all been highly qualified (with extensive experience in their field and with children).
For young children who are exploring various activities to determine what they enjoy, I would highly recommend TADA."

-Abby D.

"What an incredible place!  The dancers and teachers are bubbling with joy and the energy...woooo...the energy is amazing.  My grandchildren take classes here and couldn't be happier.  I am especially impressed by the owner, Miss Kristan.  What a delight she is!  Always positive and helpful.  I think I might even sign up for a class!"

-Jk M.

"Its a million star school in a 5 star rating world! Love everything about it, from the talented and creative staff to the awesome facility! This school and its students are going places!"

-Angie B.

"My six year old daughter takes Ballet here.  She has never taken any type of dance instruction before - but the instructors make her feel like a world class dancer.  Its great to see such confidence growing inside my girl.  On a side note, the actual studio itself is incredibly clean, spacious, and very well done.  This place obviously was designed by dancers for dancers.  Very happy, and my little star is too!"

-Daniel M.

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