team tada competitive dance team!

Star Team 2017-2018

Company 2017-2018

Company Level

The TADA Company is a highly competitive company designed for advanced pre-professional dancers ages 8-18 who train and rehearse 15 or more hours a week, and compete in many genres of dance. The company attends approximately 4-5 competitions, nationals and several conventions held mainly in the spring in Houston, and participates in several local charity events and performances throughout the year. Additionally, the Company has a 2018 Convention Track group, which is a select group of advanced dancers who wish to attend mainly conventions instead of or in addition to competitions.

Star Level
The TADA Star Team is a competitive team designed for dancers ages 3-18 who train and rehearse at a minimum of 4 hours a week, and wish to experience a light competition scene. Star Team dancers compete in many different genres of dance as well, and they attend approximately 3-4 competitions and 1 convention held during the spring in Houston. The Star Team also participates in several local charity events and performances throughout the year. 5 and up dancers must audition. If you have an age 3-4 dancer interested, please email