Musical Theater 

Join the fun and step into the limelight! This Musical Theatre class will be the highlight of your week! You’ll SING, ACT, and DANCE in this action packed hour, and finish the year with the skills you need to be a bona-fide Triple Threat! You’ll learn to sing with power and beauty. You’ll delve into characters and learn how to develop your own acting skills. Your dancing feet won’t be bored either! There will be plenty of toe tapping to go around! Each student will learn how to successfully audition for any show by mastering song and monologue choice, overcoming performance anxiety and, harnessing their unique creative ability. The class is comprised of six “units” (four to six weeks in length) with a performance for parents at the end of each unit! Each unit will focus on a different aspect of theatre all while learning musical selections and scenes from today’s hottest musicals and yesteryear’s most beloved classics!  We even have aMUSICAL THEATER CAMPevery summer!