Hip Hop Summer Workshop

July 20th

9AM to 5:30PM

Liz Aguila

Cedric Hicks

Join us for the hottest hip hop event of the summer. Come take class with masters of the craft coming from across the U.S. to spread their skills and knowledge of Hip Hop dance.
From industry pros to street-wise performers and everything in between, our instructors bring the hip hop lifestyle with them to share with students of all levels. For students ages 7 and up.

Sponsored by Chaotic Customs in Conroe, TX.

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Jaike Baldwin

​​​​Register your dancer today!

Jr/Int (Age 7+) Full Day $100, Half Day $75       

 Int/Adv (Age 10+) Full Day $125, Half Day $80

​Drop-in Class Rate $45/Class

This year's Hip Hop Summer Intensive has been sponsored by 

Chaz Pirtie

Kileigh Williams

Marcus Sophus III

Erin Peyrani