Christian-based Dance for Home Schoolers

TADA’S Christian-based classes for home schooled students ages 5 and up are held to the same standards and guidelines as all other TADA classes, yet class attire and movement is strictly regulated for appropriateness and modesty, and music is limited to Christian, classical, or instrumental genres.  Classes include hip hop, ballet, lyrical, acrobatics, jazz, and tap.  We also offer RAD ballet classes for home schooled students age 7 and up who wish to take certified Royal Academy of Dance Ballet Examination courses (in an RAD class, students take a ballet exam once in the spring meant hold students to high international standards and reward achievement).  For more info on RAD-specific classes, please email Miss Ana, our certified RAD instructor at aceana44@gmail.com  

Cost:  The cost of a CH class is the same as all other TADA classes, however CH students do not pay any recital fees or associated costume costs.  Instead of participating in the studio-wide end-of-year recital, CH classes participate in a light, smaller performance at the studio for friends and family once in Dec and once in May to showcase what they have learned.  The studio will provide any necessary costume items at no additional cost.  Take a look at our Tuition fees
HERE and disregard recital/costume fees.

Join us for FREE trial classesthis summer!  You are welcome to come in during the month of July on the 12th, 19th, and 26th to enjoy our free CH classes offered on Wednesdays to get a sense of what we do!  No pre-registration necessary, just pop in and enjoy. Take a look at our schedule of classes for days/times HERE