Royal Academy of Dance Examination Classes

Under the tutelage of Ana Acevedo, former dancer with El Savadorian company, Teatro de Danza Contemporanea, students, ages 7 and up, who wish to pursue a rigorous course of ballet study may opt to enroll themselves in our Royal Academy of Dance (RAD) Ballet Examination Classes. Students enrolled in these courses will learn from the London-based RAD syllabus, an internationally recognized curriculum designed to promote and enhance the knowledge, understanding, and practice of dance world-wide. 

Students participating in these classes will prepare for an annual examination to be given at the end of each year of study. Outsanding performance in these examinations offers recognition and advancement of the dancer to the next level of study.

RAD classes are offered only on Fridays and do not participate in TADA's end of the year recital as they are expected to be preparing for their examinations. For more information on RAD courses, select the link below.

Ballet students begin by learning ballet positions, movement vocabulary, and barre work through a series of repetitive exercises. By the time students have reached level 3 or 4 they may advance to center work. Depending on ankle/foot development and skill, students may begin pre-pointe with approval from the instructor. The higher levels of ballet work primarily in the center, learning variations and adagio as they develop their artistry.​

Ballet students who are at least the age of 6 are welcome to audition and participate in our annual production of the classical ballet, The Nutcracker. More serious ballet students level 4 or higher are welcome to audition for our pre-professional TADA Ballet Youth Company.

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TADA is proud to hold a comprehensive and challenging curriculum under TADA ballet director and Houston Ballet Soloist, Elise Elliott.

Timeless and surplus with classicism, Ballet is the foundation of almost all dance forms. Ballet at TADA should be taken in conjunction with other classes as it translates across genres in essential elements such as alignment, turnout, balance, flexibility, and strength. We offer combination classes and pre-ballet for little ones all the way up to advanced pointe and adult classes.